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Thank for your help. I ordered jewelry twice. Both times the product didn't look like it was worth the discount price. They came in just a plain plastic bag. No box, no bag, no tag, not even company labels.

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No where was the company name. In fact on one of my buys, the company name was marked off on the return address that was on the mailing package. I ordered a mommy and me robe set on April 9, and still haven't gotten it, it is a Mother's Day gift for my daughter-in-law never got an email about it but I was promptly charged for it.

Bettystefanijones I ordered the same set and have not received it yet. I emailed the company last week and they said they would be shipping that same week, but still no info regarding shipment.

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Mine is to be a birthday gift for my granddaughter. Is there a contact number? I ordered a bag and towels from Jill's steal's and deal's on June 11th it is now Aug 24th and still haven't received my order yet, just found out it is coming from China, this is so unacceptable, never will I ordered from Jill's Steal's and Deal's again, posting this so anyone thinking about ordering from the Today's Show please beware you will be getting ripped off.

It is such a rip off. Add my experience to the many mentioned. I placed my order October 10, was immediately charged to my credit card and the items to this date Nov 14th has not shipped although I have a tracking number that says items waiting to be shipped?? I have contacted the company several times and a response back saying I would be contacted in 24 hours regarding the shipment. Still waiting for a response. I think the Today show should stop running these phony ads and selling items that are paid for and never shipped.

I have been a Today show watcher for over 25 years and am very disappointed in this whole mess they have created. Guess I need to start watching CBS. What a rip off. Looks like a piece of crap. Shame on the Today show. Money immediately taken out of my account, but as yet, nothing has been received advising me of my purchase and no way to contact! Never again! I ordered a M. A bag in November. My card was also charged right away. I still have not received my order or any shipping information. I tried to contact the company directly as they tell you to do.

I got no response from them regarding my inquiry and now they just fill my email with advertisements. I also could not find any contact information for the show.

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Does anyone know if there is a way to contact the Today show directly to try and get a customer service phone number for this company? Fox I'm in the same boat as you. I ordered the same bag and my card was charged but cannot get anyone to respond to my email requests for info. I'm so mad at myself for not researching this better before buying.

If you read the terms and conditions, it does state they charge your card before shipment and they're not liable if the vendor fails to deliver. Read the fine print and protect yourselves from these types of scams! I found it at the very bottom of the terms and conditions page. Good luck! Jenny Thank you for the information. It seems completely wrong that Today does not take any responsibility for these vendors they have on their show.

I am going to continue to pursue a resolution. Fox I received a response from the company today after my second inquiry. Hope you did also. I will be completely satisfied when I receive the order.

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Merry Christmas! Regarding items you order. Lucky you if you get the quality that is indicated in the description.

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It is fake leather inside and out and it is not constructed anything like a real Laggo bag. It also has a very unpleasant odor. So disappointed. Probably made in China and not L. Threads from the stitching stick out and are easily pulled out. It arrived flat inside a piece of plastic in a mailing envelope, and it arrived at the same time as some Amazon envelopes so I tossed them all aside to open another time. There was no fabric purse cover, no stuffing inside to retain the shape, no tags, no printed material - nothing. There has to be some way to alert other people about this, because no one is going to find this complaint board before they place an order on the Today show website.

The Today show HAS to know about this by now, and they could do justice by addressing this head-on in a segment on the show to ensure these companies make things right with all of the customers who bought their products. I just want to let you know I was totally ripped off through the "Steals and Deals" segment. Extra TV Morning Save. Morning Save Deals from Dish Nation. Did you try the contact info that was listed? I am not affiliated with the deals, I just share them but I hope you get what you want!

I tried to find them for you, but could not. Can you tell me where I can find that scarf company that was promoted on the day the above items were promoted. I will follow up with them directly to find out what happened to my paid for items.

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Tryed to use Jills Deals about Invicta Watches was told the site was infected advised by avg not to go on it. Was that it? I was looking through the archives and that is the only scarf I see from a recent offer. The Today Show provides the links so I do not have an alternative. Just in case anyone is interested. I ordered the mini hair dryer over a week ago and have not received it yet. How long does it take to have it sent to me? I did not get the pants. Can anyone help me? Two weeks. I hope you get it resolved. You may also want to contact your credit card company and ask them to withhold payment until your order is completed.

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All my best, Lori. Hope your hair dryer arrived- here is the contact email if it did not: Email address: Two weeks -all my best, Lori.

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I ordered the dress that was offered from Woo weeks ago, but still have not received it. Who can I contact? Thank you. I hope this helps! The payment was withdrawn from my account on May 21, I received the dog bed but would like to return it because it is too small for my dog. There is not a receipt in the bag and I cannot find contact information for it. Would you please give me the website and email or how to return the dog bed please?

How can I contact the correct person to get the correct item? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer, Ruth. You may be able to order the bracelets by clicking on the link but the deal price was only for that day. They often repeat merchants so check back each week or subscribe to get free updates. The Today Show should be thanking you too! Their website is terrible! Yours is awesome, very helpful and gets right to the point. Thank you again.